Photos by Fernando Farfán


Fernando Farfán is a 18 year old guy who was born on December of1990 i n México City, where he actually lives.

His photography involves self portraits, portraits and pictures with a touch of shapes such as squares circles and triangles, all of them trying to find the perfect light and shadows that makes Fernando´s pictures his major signature.

He´s currently studying graphic design, though he has always been interested in photography and hopes to continue mixing his graphic work with his photography, so he can work in the graphic or cinematography industry in the future.






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  1. Estas fotos son las mejores que he visto. Opino que este tal Fernando Farfán va a ser el mejor fotógrafo, diseñador y todo lo que haga lo hará excelente.
    Le tengo una gran admiración por todos sus logros pasados, actuales y los futuros.
    Fundo oficialmente su club de fans.
    SIN DUDA sorprendente.

    Estoy orgullosa de poder decir que es MI MEJOR AMIGO.

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