Ferran Casanova

Photos by Ferran Casanova


How was your life before you started to be a photographer?
It was quite a different life and the truth is that I never thought about becoming a photographer until the chance came to my life out of the blue. Before taking a camera I was a dancer and all my life has been about and around classical ballet. I studied in France, so I left my home town Barcelona very early and joined different dance companies with which I’ve been travelling around the world with.


How did you decide that you wanted to be a photographer?
I never did yet! After when my career as a dancer was over due to a lesion, a friend of mine took some pics I did and decided to show them to a models agency without let me know. The next thing I know is that I was shooting the very next day.


And when did you decide to focus on fashion?
I never decided it. I’m not the kind of person who’s always carrying a camera with him to catch the moment.


How can you describe your photos?
I don’t know… I would say they are simple…as a good thing!
I like to have a beautiful girl sitting in front of my camera and make something happen, anything, but something more interesting than just being beautiful.


When you do a portrait, what do you use to focus on? Which kind of details?
The eyes, always the eyes. They talk more than sexy lips, serious moustache or wise wrinkles…


Can you tell us which one it’s your best photo, that you like since today and why you like it so much?
I cannot answer it. What is more, I don’t use to look at my own pictures. In fact, I don’t have any around the house or the studio.


Do you prefer to shoot inside a studio or outside?
Either both, though people ask me to make more studio shoots, and I’m completely ok with it.


What do you think about the connection between fashion and streetphotography? They are two different worlds or not?
It depends on how you deal with it: You might mix styles, like some fashion photographers who give a street look to their fashion productions as a distinctive feature, or you might not. As I’ve told you, I never carry a camera if I’m not working but anyway what it counts at the end is the result…


What about your future project?
I’ve just signed with a new agent in Madrid, known for being a fresh young agency with a very modern look on things. This means travelling more often, but always keeping a foot in Paris and of course in Barcelona where I’m based, producing with Bluestudio.







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