edited by tobia piatto (tobia.piatto@positive-magazine.com)

photographs by Gábor Erdélyi
Gábor Erdélyi currently lives in Hungary and Luxemburg but has travelled and worked throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. He bought his first camera in 2005 to take photos of his newborn son. In 2008, he left his work as a legal professional and started his new life as photographer. At the beginning, he worked in movies as a still photographer,then received several assignments from musicians and actors for creating the visuals for their projects. Gábor’s favorite generes are portraits and travel photos, depicting the relationship of human beings with their environment, the city and the surrounding space. He travels a lot to seek and find the most possibly interesting and exciting scenes for his photography. Due to his passion for portraits, he had the opportunity to publish his pictures in the Hungarian edition of Playboy, and several other quality magazines. He also works as an advertising, fashion and wedding/event photographer and has a growing number of assignments as a cameraman for motion picture. Since his establishment in 2010, Gábor has been the chief  photographer and photo editor of Genetleman Magazine.

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About the Author

Tobia Piatto, born in 1989 in Venice, has started taking photographs about the underground world of skateboarding in 2007, making of his biggest passion a work. He has started working for POSI+TIVE magazine in 2010, writing for photography, fashion and culture departments.

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