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You just launched your new website, how’s the feeling, it was hard doing this big step into the www world and why did you decide to open Gnam Box?
We are still very excited. The launch of it’s been a huge step.
Gnam Box is a story started a year ago with a tumblr that opened us a brand new world: feelings, images, motivations, new people… has been a natural step, we wanted to collect and to give an identity to our projects.

What’s the idea behind Gnam Box?
First of all our passion for food.
We start doing recipes because we love food and we like staying in our kitchen. We wanna use Gnam Box for meet inspiring people, friends and talents. We wanna use food for speak about our passions and for present to our followers who we like and admire. The first thing we wanna know about a person is what is his favourite dish because through food you can discover everything about a person.

Who are the readers of Gnam Box?
Food is for all so everyone can be the perfect Gnam Box reader.

What do you speak about, and why someone should visit and start to be addicted to your website?
We talk about our recipes, so we talk about us, about what we like and about who will want to be sit on with us on our table. Why someone should be addicted to Gnam Box? Because he likes food, to find good recipes, for meet nice and talented people and to be invited to our table!

I know you worked a lot on a video project to launch Gnam Box, can you tell who are the people you contacted and what did they do for you?
The idea of the video project was born on a sunday morning. We wanted to find a way for include our followers to the launch of the website. So we started asking videos saying “Gnam Box”…. we discovered to have real creative and lovely followers. It was very exciting to receive all that videos.

Your subtitile is “in food we trust”, do you have a special recipe to suggest to our readers?
Not a recipe but a life style: cook good, eat well with love and friends.

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