Photos by Marilisa Cosello

MARILISA COSELLO was Born in South of Italy in 1978, high school in Kent (UK), University Degree in Communication in Milan (Italy), Master in photography at IED Milano, News photographer in Milan, published on various magazine in Italy, participation to Biennal of Art in Sarajevo, Assistant to Paul Elledge at TPW. Workshops with D’Agata, Caujolle, D’Amico.

My first memory of a child is the sea. The sea with its long horizons, and the white light, the taste of the wind and the smell of salt. The sea was the world of meeting and loneliness. Where I learned to swim and to watch. These pictures are the evocation of an almost dream-like world, that could be north or south, that could be everywhere.

The time is past, but remembrance is still there, the first memory, where I wondered why the sand was hot, who was the woman who smiles, the other girls’ names, why the gentleman in the jacket does not put the costume on. And the mermaids swimming in the pool near the sea..I remember the rocks where I saw a man the first time, and all the white light that covered everything. And the more I looked at the horizon, the more I realized that the world ended there.

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