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Irina Munteanu is a young photographer from Romania. With only 18 years old, she seems to have found her own language, which is particularly sensitive and contains a collection of delicate feelings such as intimacy, warmth and melancholy. She explores her everyday life and focuses sometimes on quiet little details with subtle meanings. She enjoys analogue photography, since it’s more meaningful and sincere. Her future plans include a nude series. I can’t wait to see them!

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What do you do in life?
I’m defining myself, little by little.

What do you like the most about photography?
I like the fact that it gives the perfect ways to show feelings and emotions in a special, more touching manner and also gives things other meanings, an opportunity to show them in a different light. It tells stories and knows secrets, slowly revealing them to anyone who’s able to understand their beauty.

Why and when did you start taking pictures?
When I was little I used to steal my parent’s camera and take subtle pictures of them and the rest of my family, so I could surprise them when the film was ready. Of course they were not impressed by my unique framing and techniques, the whole thing though it might influenced my passion for photography. I started taking pictures more serious five years ago, after I found my grandfather’s Zorki 4, which made me appreciate film and motivated me to stay on this track.

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Why do you only shoot with an analogue camera?
Yes, I shoot only analog, though I recently bought a dslr and I’m still trying to bound with it (hopelessly). Besides the kind of annoying yet amazing wait, I find analog more meaningful and sincere. I believe I have a special connection with my Yashica and I can’t and won’t break up with her.

What’s so attracting about analogue photography?
I think the limited number of frames needs care and wish to make them count, so the whole process becomes personal and special not only for the photographer and/or model but also for the people he invites to take part in his peculiar photographic journey.

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Do you normally shoot spontaneously or do you take your time and plan your photos?
It depends, normally I shoot spontaneously because I want to catch my model as natural as possible or how I see him/her in the very moment. I am though a perfectionist, so I do make some small changes to improve the scene sometimes.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find the biggest and most important inspiration in my love, in the stories between the two of us and in our moments together. I’m also inspired by the people I photograph, the music I listen to and the movies I see, by the beautiful people in outstanding photographs, by my favourite artists and also by everyday life and nature.

Which are your future plans?
I’m planning to start some nude series, as soon as I find the models to match my vision. I would also love to travel more and discover new wonderful places and always experiment.

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