Interview with…James McLoughlin

Interview with…James McLoughlin

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James McLoughlin is possibly the most detached from reality person I know, he drinks tea all day and wears stupid hats, and honestly believes that everything will work out, as long as he’s comfortable.
He’s entirely self motivated, which means he never pushes himself hard enough, in fact, he’s enlisted the ‘help’ of a friend to write this entire passage, meaning, I the aforementioned friend, am writing it solo, while he flicks through his photos.

James should have been born with a camera in his hand, its so cliche, but seriously, I dont think he could love any living human as much as he loves a good print. He would sell my internal organs on the black market if it meant him realising his dream of not having to live on state benefits all his life, and actually doing what he enjoys, and what he was made for’ Capturing images that only he can see in the moment they occur. I’d like to take this oppourtunity to thank him for giving me the gift of memory through photography that alcohol, drugs and intense stupidity would otherwise have stolen.

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1) How’s life in Dublin?

life in dublin is goooooooood, compared to living in a small town where i was until this september it’s been pretty crazy. constantly shooting, meeting new people and just generally having a good time.

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2) How can you describe your city?

in 3 words, beautiful, honest and sexy. like the perfect boyfriend.

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3) And how did you describe Dublin through your photos?

my photos are pretty self descriptive, basically just a reflection of the people i come into contact with.

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4) What’s the most important thing when you take a portrait ?

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5) In your diary i saw you have a lot of photos of your firends. Can you speak about the relationship that they have with you while you are taking photos of them?

my friends have gotten so used to me waving a camera in their face that it’s become second nature. And that’s what i love, the fact that nothing is pre meditated.

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6) You are really young, do you really wanna be a professional photographer or it’s just an hobby?

Yeah i would love for it to become a full time profession, it’s definately more than a hobby. It’s gotten to the point where i don’t even enjoy nights out because i’m constantly looking for photo opportunities to happen.

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7) There is someone that you really want to work with?

in regards to other to other photographers, probably larry clark or ed templeton. in regards to people, anyone who is shameless, real and unapologetic.

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8.) What’s your best photo, and why you like it so much?

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I tend to only really like my most recent, so it’s ever changing.
me and my friend edel made our mate dean look as disgusting as possible a few weeks back and this was the result. he’s wearing these tacky grillz i got off ebay for about 15euro.

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  1. I quite enjoy Jame’s pictures. I’d already seen some of his images on Flickr and I always liked its lively mood and its strength.
    I’m sure he must know a photographer called Nan Goldin (who I think is just brilliant), but if not, just take a look at her pictures. She’s got so much to say and so much to be learnt from her.
    You’re doing a great job, James. Keep pushing!

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