Photos by Nathan Perkel


(b.1980) Raised in the warm suburbs of California’s Bay Area, Nathan experimented with photography at a young age and has continued to keep a youthful perspective on his surroundings ever since. Nathan now lives and works in New York City.

1) Can you tell us something about you?
I fall asleep and wake up suddenly, like a light switch some say..


2) Where do you live and work now?
I live and work in New York City.


3) How long have you been a photographer?
I guess it all started when I insisted on getting a nice camera for a school trip in grade school. Not sure why exactly, but I was motivated enough to do work around the house for a few months to save up for it.


4) How did you get into photography?
I started to take it seriously via photographing skateboarding, which was my first love, and to this day one of the things draw alot of inspiration from.


5) Where your inspiration comes from?
I tend to get inspired from everything around me, it may be a train ride, eating at a restaurant, skateboarding down the street, or the people I surround myself with. Movies and music are also very important to me.


6) What does it mean for you streetphotography?
I suppose street photography is documenting the things you see in the street. One would also say the term “decisive moment” would play a large role in street photography.


7) Can you tell us something about your portraits, what’s is important to focus for you?
It depends on the situation, sometimes its about my idea, and cultivating it. And sometimes its about letting the subject just be themselves and trying to document it.


8.) What are your future works, do you have a special project?
I am always working on new projects, but I rarely divulge what they are till they are ready to be seen. But I will keep you posted, when its ready.









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