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Jonny Finch is a young photographer from Godalming in Surrey, England. He is currently based in Leeds but intends to move to London in the summer once he has finished his photography degree at the Leeds College of Art.


He first got interested in photography when travelling around Europe by himself one summer, once he returned home one of his friends told him that his photos were really good and that he should do something about it. He then took an evening class in darkroom photography and loved it so much that he decided to take it further and got accepted on a degree course at the Leeds college of Art.


Jonny is inspired by the sights and sounds of the late 60’s and 70’s along with contemporary film and music. He works predominantly with 35mm film and mainly photographs his peers and familiar surroundings.

In his final year he is working on a project called ‘About 20’ which is based on heroes, idols and influences with the intention of showing that certain people and their specific qualities that we admire shape us into the people we are today. By hinting at certain subject matters the images let the viewer think for themselves and let them relate the work to their own experiences.


Along side this Jonny is working on a fashion road trip that will demonstrate his style in a more commercial sense. He will be going on a number of road trips with a couple of models and a suitcase full of clothes and doing fashion shoots on the road. The field of fashion and working with designers is something he is interested and something he wants to pursue and is always looking for commissions.








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