Joseph Bowman

Works by J. Powers Bowman

Wharves and Crane
J. Powers Bowman. Wharves and Crane. 2013.
Collage, pen-and-ink.
11″x 7″.

Joseph Bowman (1752-1779) was a Virginia military officer during the American Revolutionary War. He was second in command during George Rogers Clarkís famous campaign to capture the Illinois country, but was injured in an accidental gunpowder explosion afterwards and subsequently died of his wounds. He was the only American officer killed during the Illinois campaign.

J. Powers Bowman. Islands. 2013
Collage, pen-and-ink.
17″x 11″.

J. Powers Bowman. Entrance. 2013
Collage, pen-and-ink.
4″x 6″.


J. Powers Bowman. Lighthouse. 2013
Collage, pen-and-ink.
10″x 7″.

Flak Tower
J. Powers Bowman. Flack Tower. 2013
Collage, pen-and-ink.
17″x 11″.

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