Lanzarote – Canary Island.

Lanzarote, part of the Canary Islands archipelago, with its volcanic origins geology, take us ideally on the gaunt and ferrous surface of an unknown rocky planet.
Its landscape was created by series of volcanic eruptions took place in the south west of the island over a period of 6 years from 1730 to 1736 and consists of about 300 extinct volcanoes, craters and lava fields which have been carved and modified over the centuries. The sides fo the ridges are coated with layers of cooled magma, creating a glow of reds, oranges, and browns streaking down the sides and taking on different appearances, depending on the sun’s influence.

The massive peaks that once acted as lids to the volcanoes have exploded, leaving hollowed craters of crumbled rock with caves and deep scars engraved throughout the surface. The ground below is covered with lava flow that goes on for miles, small villages carved out among it, with single plots leveled out to farm the fertile land. Meanwhile in the sky fast clouds project their shadow on the headlands, enriching them with soft shades. 

After spending a few days exploring the land, Luca Galavotti had the impression of a place beyond the influence of time, frozen in an uncertain geological age, with no trace of culture or civilization. Because of its unusual features, Lanzarote made he think of futuristic scenarios mixed with early earth’s atmospheres. With this image series Galavotti focuses his camera on the contrasts: the primitive nature on the one hand and the imprint of man on the other hand; colors and geometries of this land of fire, trying to reveal its primal poetry, peaceful serenity and timeless balance. A clean, essential vision with two absolute protagonists: shapes and colors. A meditative landscape that becomes an inner landscape.

About the author:

Luca Galavotti is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Emilia, Italy.
Attracted by everything related to communication and visual arts, he started photographing in the early 2000s during his university studies. He first began taking pictures of his surrounding, then for five years he has been working for a photography agency traveling in many different places, in Italy and abroad. A tireless traveler, he is a strong lover of analog photography and most of his photographs are taken using old film cameras.
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