Les zizi Repetto Jacquemus

Jacquemus reinterprets Repetto’s Zizi shoes with a square toe and circular heel, honoring ballet heritage through exceptional craftsmanship, as part of their “Les Sculptures” collection.

Jacquemus and Repetto proudly unveil their collaboration as part of the designer’s latest collection titled “Les Sculptures.”

Within this collaboration, Jacquemus reimagines Repetto’s timeless richelieu shoes, specifically the iconic Zizi model. The reinterpretation introduces a square toe and a distinctive circular heel, playing with a unique geometry that pays homage to the house’s original pointe shoes deeply rooted in its ballet heritage. Crafted using the unparalleled stitch-and-return technique at Repetto’s workshops in Dordogne, France, this new design, characterized by androgynous lines, not only celebrates exceptional craftsmanship but also reflects a visionary spirit.

In the 1970s, Rose Repetto, the founder of the brand, drew inspiration from jazz shoes to create the Richelieu, later named Zizi after her daughter-in-law Zizi Jeanmaire, a renowned dancer and socialite of that era. The Zizi gained further prominence when Serge Gainsbourg embraced its comfort, making it an integral part of his iconic signature look. Through the years, the Zizi has evolved into a mythical shoe cherished across generations.

Repetto, an iconic house in the realm of French luxury with deep ties to the ballet world, has been upholding exceptional craftsmanship since its establishment in 1947. The hallmark of its timeless and emblematic style lies in the unique stitch-and-return technique used in crafting its iconic ballerinas. Today, Repetto extends its aesthetic signature to various creations, including footwear, leather goods, dancewear, and active wear.

Based in Paris’s 8th arrondissement, JACQUEMUS has evolved into an independent fashion house with 250 employees, renowned for its rapid digital growth and global business presence. Founded by Simon Porte Jacquemus in 2009, the brand’s flagship store, opened in 2022, stands at 58 Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Simon’s journey from Salon-de-Provence, South of France, to Paris reflects a story of resilience and artistic vision. From the initial naïveté and graphic style of the early collections to a more mature and naturalistic representation, Jacquemus has carved a trajectory over 14 years, presenting a self-assured and resolutely feminine figure in his shows. The brand, originally named after Simon’s mother’s maiden name, Jacquemus, continues to captivate audiences with artistic escapism and an air of seduction.

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