Edited by: Roberta De Monte

Design by: Heimplanet

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni

All images courtesy Heimplanet

The German Company, Heimplanet, which is mainly engaged in travel gear, has created Mavericks, a multi-purpose tent, designed to fit even the most extreme conditions.


The structure is based on the molecular and crystalline diamond shape because Stefan Clauss and Stefan Schulze Dieckhoff, Heimplanet owners, know that the most stable structures are those of nature. Mavericks, an evolution of Cave tent, offers an interior height of two meters in a total space of more than 13 square meters.


The frame consist of thermoplastic urethane hermetic, which allows to maintain the air inside for a long time. The outer jacket is made of a high-tenacity polyester fabric, which ensures extra stability and durability.


After inflating, the structure can be separated into ten individual air chambers to ensure an emergency stability in case of a defect. The particular geodesic form has been developed to withstand wind speeds up to 180 km/h and it is pre-assembled to be more easily mounted by users.


All parts of Mavericks can be easily repaired or, in case of external surface, replaced. To assemble is very easy: you just have to unroll the tent, close all the valves and pump air into one of them and Mavericks is ready!







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