Muay Thai in Thailand

This collection of photographs is a reflection of Muay Thai, a martial art form which descended from what is now known as the Kingdom of Thailand over a millennium ago. Muay Thai uses the body to mimic the weapons of war. Hands act as the sword and dagger. Shins and forearms are hardened in training through a process referred to as cortical remodeling, thus becoming the armor to protect one against blows. The elbow becomes a heavy mace or hammer; the legs and knees become the axe and staff. The entire body is meant to operate as one all powerful unit. Muay Thai is notably alluded to as “the art of eight limbs,” and its popularity has grown immensely in the past century. Modernization of Muay Thai by King Rama VII (r. 1925-35) transformed the sport by systemizing rules and regulations. In 1995, the World Muay Thai Federation was founded and later established in Bangkok. There are now thousands of gyms spread all over the globe.

Presented in my collection are two Muay Thai camps: Poonsawat Camp, which is located in Tha Sala, Thailand, and Camp Sitawee, which is located in the southern district of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.

Amar A. Gupta
is a Texan photographer whose initial interest in the art began by documenting the adventures he would embark on with his friends. Whether it be skating the streets, breaking into abandoned buildings, or climbing up onto rooftops, he would carry his camera,
capturing moments that would soon be the only reminders of the things they did on such nights.

Amar is now taking his passion into the world of photojournalism and is hoping to use his documentation skills to inform others of unique characters, world events, and interesting stories through his eyes.


Fight Prep

The Process of Becoming Great

Basic Training

The Stage


Watch & Learn


Interest in the Ring

Combat Tools

Fresh Start

Mental Discipline




Into the Mirror

Ring Prayers

Te Trong (Straight Kick)



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