[MULTIPLE CHOICE] New Ideals In An Ocean Of Possibilities


Edited by Andrea Brena

Berlin. This incredible city, stage of new forms of creativity, platform for plenny of young artists will hold from the 19th to the 21st August a unique event, where participating will be a whole new experience.
Julia Veldman, a 22 year old graduated student from Design Academy Eindhoven gathered a group of young dutch designers bringing to the berliners a 72 hour event ‘gesamtkuntswerk’ about the overload of choices crippling our lives.
The event is called multiple choices, and as you might wonder, is not just an event, but exhibition, grastronomical event and a club night, too.
The location is in Neukolln, one of those district that are becoming popular and affordable for young artists, in the gallery Sameheads.
Sameheads is owned by three brothers—Nathan, Leo and Harry—all of whom visited Berlin years ago and knew they needed to stay.
After returning home to their native England in order to save money, they returned to Berlin as soon as they were able and started Sameheads, their store where fashion, music and art meet.

The public will be provoqued finding in front of him multiple choices.
This, to resemble that quarterlife crisis, the state of mental paralysis and unjust depression that nowadays a lot of people in their twenties seem to experience.
It is caused by the overload of choices and the boundless freedom we have. Everything you want to be is within reach, as long as you try hard enough. If you missed out, if you fail, it is your own fault. Because it was all there laid out for you.
But what the hell to choose?

No answers so far, but to respond to the wish of trying to get the best of all but end up with a hideous uneatable sandwich floating in a fatty sauce, this young collective
of designers and artists decided to solve this with design or at least to point in some direction.To exclaim new ideals.

So,72 hours to cure an entire generation and they’ll make the most out of it.


19th august
performance dinner with live music

20th august
opening with lectures, activities, performance and party

21st august
breakfast and the beginning of your life

The exhibition will feature:

Works by thalia de jong




Works by Julia Veldman

Works by Michael Kluver

food by Tobias Jansen

Works by Maaike fransen

Works by Goof van Beek

Works by Hendrik-jan grievink

more info and updates about the programme are to be found here

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