New Bedroom Designs to Try in 2017


Scandinavian style bedrooms are ideal for people who want tot keep things simple. If you want your bedroom to be practical yet still look good, this is something you should consider. Wooden furniture is the name of the game, with no nonsense cupboards, wardrobe, etc. while focusing on a mostly grey colour scheme. This gives off an earthy, relaxed ambience that will help you feel at ease. This style works best in a smaller room, as the simplicity of it helps keep things comfy. With a few cupboards, a bedside table and of course a wooden bed, you will be set. You can then add some Scandinavian accessories, such as shelves, a barrel or whatever you can think of to add a little flavour.

If you want something a little warmer to make your time in your bedroom as snug as possible, you should look at Milan style. It uses cream, white and red colours and like Scandinavian, relies on wooden furniture. Unlike this though, it is a lot busier. You add lots of furniture to give you more storage and to simply look good, while aiming to make it full, not cluttered. It’s a sophisticated style that anyone can achieve, especially those with lots of things they store in their bedroom, and is easy to achieve. It can work for children or adults, just make sure you keep things organised or it can look messy. Arranging furnitures is key, so you may want to get a bed as quickly as possible with next-day delivery and then you can add the rest of the items around it.

Something perfect for adults is a boutique style bedroom. This is popular with women and intends to give you a design that’s more stylish than practical. If your bedroom is your castle and somewhere you spend lots of time in other than just sleeping, then this is the look for you. Black is the main colour used for paint, wallpaper, carpets, furniture, etc. but to give it some contrast you can use reds, or maybe a bit of purple or white. Metal furniture and ornaments are another part of obtaining a boutique bedroom as they are sleek and fancy, rather than going for the obvious and functional. A large wardrobe and a long mirror work well, so if you’re someone who likes to dress up and do their make up, then boutique is the way to go.

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