NoTav Demonstration In Milan

Giacomo Cosua Reporting from Milan and Ferrara, Italy.

The first demonstration against the high-speed train (Treno Alta Velocità, TAV) route was in 1995. The resistance has continued ever since today, and probably also in the future.

In Italy during these days there are demonstrations all around Italy, and in particular yesterday in Milan there was one demo with at least 1500-200 people. The demonstration was about not just against the TAV, but also to protest against the arrest of some members of the no-tav movement, who are in jail accused of Terrorism due to their protest actions against the building site in the Piedmont area.

The demonstration of yesterday have been around the city of Milan until the San Vittore Prison in the center of the city.




This photo was taken few days ago in Ferrara where there was a demonstrations against the arrest of some of their activists.








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