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Espresso Veloce

It is now universally known as “the most beautiful espresso machine in the world”: Espresso Veloce, that takes inspiration from the engines of Formula 1 cars. It is one of the most incredible household appliances that exists.

Espresso Veloce

The V10 and V12 versions, are designed and handmade by Arte Meccanica Mastrogiuseppe, a company based in Johannesburg. Composed of magnesium, titanium and aluminum, the engine is a scale replica of half of the legendary engines used by Senna and Schumacher in the 90s.

Espresso Veloce

Espresso Veloce lacks in nothing, it’s just like a real automotive engine: there’s the coffee filter with the shape of the oil and drain pipes from which let the hot black liquid flow. Of course, there are theme cups. Finally, in addition to serving more cups of espresso at the same time, the oil tank also acts as a reservoir for other beverages, thus allowing to freely change your coffee.

Espresso Veloce

The production of this marvellous item is limited to just 500 pieces, in fact it seems that each piece needs at least a week of processing. Essentially, V10 and V12 are not made ​​with cheap materials and look more like pieces of design than a real kitchen appliance.

Espresso Veloce


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