My room is 18 years old.


Flavia Redi realized her project with the intention of interpreting her generation, photographing the people that pass in her room. She photographs the songs sung at the top of her lungs, the thousand cigarettes smoked, the melancholy of 18 years, the summer sunset seen, the desired tattoos, in the name of the memory. She took these pictures to not forget this age, to not forget their story, their joys, their loves, their dreams. To then look at these photos in ten years and to think “they have dreamed. Maybe each of them, in 10 years, will have found love, realized their greatest dream, but looking at these photos, they will remember this moment. They will remember their dreams, their tears, their favorite songs, their friends, their naivety and maybe also Flavia’s camera and Flavia’s room. 

My room is 18 years old is this. It tells about a room. It’s a room saturated with dreams, with hopes, sensations, love. It’s a room with a pair of eyes and arms, to cry with you and then hug you. It’s a room that live, laugh and love with you. If these picture have anything to say to future generations, it’s this: ”don’t forget to dream, to live, to cry, to love, and to laugh, we did it”. It’s an her invitation to live, and not simply to exist. It is a hymn to the memory of youth, of the candid naivety that characterizes it. It is a sweet reality, with a bitter aftertaste, full of the desire to reach the top and falls.


 ”If you are looking at these photos from the shore of a beach, from a simple kitchen or while the sun warms you, remember to dream and to love”, it’s this the reminder that she inserts, like a post-it on the desk.

About the author:
Flavia Redi was born in southern Italy, in 2001. She lives in Caserta and she is studying figurative arts at the Art School of Caserta.

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