Select Model Agency – LFW Party

By Max Hailwood

Mayfair club Mahiki, opens its doors to the elite of Fashion Week… and some press aswell. An evening of drinks, dancing and meeting some faces behind the fashion.

After supplying a code word to gain entry and receiving a nice orange wristband we were granted entry to the Dover Street Club. After descending into the Hawainan themed nightclub and receiving an interesting rum and fruit cocktail, the photo opportunitys lined themselves up, although with a very few percentage of models to press and PR. It may not have been full of models but a lot of people I spoke to who looked like models, weren’t.A mix of creatives were in attendance. Journalists, photogaphers, stylists, PR’s and of course models all rubbed shoulders with minmal confrontation. The normal friction that accompanies such an amalgamation of media types was absent. Free drinks or something else, there was obviously an extra ingredient added to the room that made such an event so enjoyable.

As an ending to London Fashion Week, Select Models couldn;t have provided more. A relaxing and enjoyable event with a current of fun flowing through it, this was a unmissable chance to see some of the key players of the Uk, and indeed international, fashion and PR companies come together.


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