Pop and feminism with Skela

Skela is an NYC based singer-songwriter best known for her collaboration with Josh Jacobson on “Not Alone.” Her first EP has been signed to HERO Records under Sony distribution.

Skela has combined her EP with a poetry zine and comic book self written on the ethos of music starring herself as a villain/superhero. Skela has built a small but dedicated fanbase through her music & poetry. Not only, but also through her efforts as a feminist, by working with companies like Pro Mujer, What’s In Your Box? and Unbound Box. She has received support from feminist focused channels & companies like Feminist Voice, Dolores Haze and Glazed NYC.

Who is Skela and where does she come from?

Skela started off as a name I used to scribble on desks and sneakers. Then she grew into this alter ego when I realized that I couldn’t pursue music alone. She became all of the things I needed. She was confident and beautiful and strong and capable. Now I feel more like Skela than Alex (my real name). I don’t know if that means I learned how to be those things on my own or if Skela is slowly taking control over my life. I’m cool with either.

Do you have a music study background or did you learn on your own?

Self-taught. Learning music theory is on the to-do list. Along with learning french and embroidery… it’s a long list.

When did you start thinking of making music seriously?

Hmm basically when I tried to do all the “right” things. Go to school, get a job, blah blah blah. I should have been happy or whatever but I wasn’t at all. I took it seriously when I decided I deserved to form my own definition of content.

How long have you been working on your EP?

When I was making it, it felt like it was taking forever but now that I look back, the EP really only represents a little sliver of my life. Music is so cool like that. You get to score your own life and turn all your memories into little movies.

I really like the decision of creating a comic book and a poetry zine to accompany your music. How did you think it?

I signed the EP to Hero Records so that’s their whole thing. Every artist becomes a character and builds out their own story into a comic book. It’s really cool because they totally get that music is visual. The poetry zine was my way of trying to give more background to the music, give little easter eggs to people to try to find.

Did you already know Nicolette or did you call her especially for your comic?

I’ve actually known Nicolette since the second grade. We reconnected over music & art a few years ago and ever since she’s been my go-to. I think she’s one of the most talented artists I know. Definitely an honor to be able to work so closely with her.

What does your music talk about?

I’m trying to talk about more than just love and people running in circles around one another. I mean, all that is so much fun but for me, music is two things: speaking my mind and trying to heal. I hope this EP accomplishes the first thought bubble.

Your style is quite pop and dreamy. Who are your musical inspirations?

My inspiration is everywhere because I listen to a bunch of different artists. People have so much to say and so many interesting ways of doing so that I’m all over the board. Finding new artists for me is like turning to the next chapter of a book you’ve been reading for seventeen hours straight and the only thing you’ve had to eat is coffee and gum.

Here’s what I’m listening to right now

What is your biggest dream?

I don’t know if it’s the biggest but right now the most towering dream and goal I have is wanting to make an album and tour the world. It feels so daunting but I’m working towards it everyday.

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