Squid Dinner by Giovanni Vetere

squid dinner

The exhibition will take place from the 18th October to the 8th November in the wonderful location of The Orange Garden in Rome. Squid Dinner focuses on the natural element of water, putting the visitor in an awkward place.  It’s a place where everything is unfamiliar for a human being.

In 1964, Jacques Yves Cousteau conceived the theory of the Homo Aquaticus, describing a future evolution of the human species capable of living underwater. This exhibition will make you feel like a fish out of water, or in the water in this case. It stimulates the visitor’s awareness of his abilities and stimulating adaptation in a different environment. Culminating in the demonstration of Cousteau’s theories, the utopic representation is abandoned preferring a forthcoming reality.

More on the artist

Giovanni Vetere is an Italian, London-based artist. He graduated in 2018 in Fine Art from Camberwell College of Arts. He started with photograhy and sculpture, but leaving this road to follow a path in live art, pursuing his interest in the sperimentation with this medium. In 2017 he was awarded the Lorenzo Il Magnifico prize at the Florence Biennale in the category of Performance Art.
Vetere’s art seeks to understand the relationship between the three active elements that constitute performance art: space, audience and performer. Squid Dinner focuses on his interaction with water. It wants to reflect on the relationship that the human body has and maintains with the sea and it tries to understand what effects water produces on the human body, not only on a physical level but also of meaning and symbolism. By placing the human body in an environment that is unnatural and unfamiliar, Vetere’s performances bring the visitor on a journey towards its roots. The image produced is controversial, reminding us of a foetus inside the womb or a cadaver inside its coffin. Water represents duality and a counter-posed effect; one of giving life and pleasure; one of giving agony and death.

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