“Tomasz Böhm was born in Mikołów in Poland in 1988. He graduated The Silesian University of Technology in 2009. Traveler and mountain climber who is specializing in documentary photography. He curently works as a freelance photographer in Silesia. He photographed in Norway, USA, Georgia, Poland and many other countries.”

The ancient Egyptians called their temples The Houses of Adoration. Nowadays, places destined for conversing with God are frequently narrowed down to stained glass works, paintings and opening hours hanged on the front door. Closed area filled with people does not inspire discovering the inner peace or the intimate meditation.
Thus, my permanent search of what has been lost begun in desolate places. In such places, it is easier to experience the unity between God, nature and human. Asceticism has always encouraged the intensification of human experiences; and mountains, because of their inaccessibility, become are the bridge between the human and his transcendental desires. Nowhere as in the mountains activity equals calm and adoration. Therefore, the desolate mountain peaks and what I can see from there have become the House of Adoration.

The material has been created over a few previous years, during solitary journeys along the Tatra Mountains. ”









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