The relationship between Florianópolis and magic is known since the 18th century. The king John V (Portugal) ordered the transfer of thousands of azoreans to Brazil to deal with two problems at once: the need to populate its colony in South America and to decrease the super-population in the archipelago of the Azores. Pressed by […]

Andrea Eichenberger was born in 1976 in Florianópolis, Brazil. After studying visual arts in Brazil, she did a PhD in visual anthropology, ​​between Brazil and France. In 2013, she received the price Funarte Women in Visual Arts of Brazilian Ministry of Culture, in 2012, she was winner of the Prix UPP Découverte, in Paris, and […]

Gustavo Gomes  is a brazilian photographer based in Sao Paulo and part of the Street-Photographers and the SelvaSP collective. Tell us more about your self. Where you live? And what do you do for a living?  I’m a 32 year old guy living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I work as an image researcher and I’m still an […]

Here’s Paulo Goldstein’s complete interview for Positive+Magazine special issue on Brazil. Who is Paulo Goldstein? Paulo Goldstein is a Brazilian – Italian designer/maker/artist. Born in São Paulo (Brazil) in 1980, Paulo has always had a passion for “making things” and a deep interest in art, as well as design. Paulo graduated from FAAP four-year Fine […]

Edited by: Enrico Mancini Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil Architect: Marcio Kogan Proofreading: Bianca Baroni   The studio mk27 was funded in the early ’80 by Marcio Kogan and now is composed of more than fourteen partners from different countries all over the world. Recently the firm won several international and national awards. Marcio Kogan and […]

Front cover by Giacomo Cosua, featuring an interview with the american singer Travis Mills. The back cover shot by Marcel Castenmiller and featuring the british model Miles Langford with an interview about animal protection. Inside this issue: speaking about Brazil, with a big feature about the new stadiums for the football world cup and much […]†-Panoramica.jpg