Boxing is a popular sport in Cuba. The country has a long list of Olympic gold medals to demonstrate its skills.

After a 50 plus year economic blockade, President Obama issued directives that would loosen sanctions and eventually (hopefully) normalize relations between the United States and Cuba.

We have been writing already in the past about the The Havana 7 club fellowship, a great collaboration with the great photographer Elliott Erwitt and the Havana Club. The fellowship is giving an annual award to a great photographer willing to travel to Cuba and create a reportage, to capture the soul of Cuba, like 51 years ago Elliott Erwitt did.

Editor Note: Cuba in black and white – part 2: this is the second story about Cuba. You can see the previous one we published yesterday here. After the US embassy’s reopening in the Havana, can Cuba undergo an important change? Is the question that everybody ask. The country that has been the example of “anti-imperialism”, […]
Cuba, curiosity

Editor Notes: Cuba recently hosted an international event: the visit of President Obama, the fist american president in Avana since 1922. Today and tomorrow we will publish 2 photography stories about Cuba. Here is the first one. Cuba – the curiosity. One of a kind. A dinosaur, a micro-cosmos where time moves slower, where innovations […]

  The idea behind these pictures was to create a photographic diary of the six-week trip through Cuba. Capturing cuban everyday-life scenes with my camera, I wanted to narrate Cuba as I perceived it- to tell about a series of moments and encounters which form, as pieces of a puzzle, my Cuban experience. Travelling through […]

Havana is alive and buzzing with an influx of tourists wanting to see it ‘before it all changes’. But the city is changing and you can feel it. Cuba has been preparing for tourism for many years and is now capitalising on a surge in visitors. Large numbers take city tours in American vintage cars; […]

Before the Flood Cubans are the most outgoing, talkative people I have ever met, and they seem particularly interested in talking to an American. It’s a place with a tangled history when it comes to Americans, as I was reminded by passing San Juan Hill on the road from Santiago to Playa Siboney and a […]

Peter Brian Schafer grew up in northern California, and is now based in New York City. He shoots film (except for the Vignette app on his Android phone) in part because he abhors realism and the striving for perfection that he feels afflicts much of digital photography, but mainly because for him the process of […]

Call for Artists: HYBRID IDENTITIES | UK / Cuba 2013 Photography / Video Art / Computer Graphics / Architecture / Performing Art