Editor Note: Cuba in black and white – part 2: this is the second story about Cuba. You can see the previous one we published yesterday here.

After the US embassy’s reopening in the Havana, can Cuba undergo an important change? Is the question that everybody ask.

The country that has been the example of “anti-imperialism”, as the leader Fidel Castro has always defined it, for the twentieth century’s generation, could be finished. Even today, that nothing has almost changed, Cuba goes on with its identity.  The president Raul Castro, Fidel Castro´s brother, has declared that there will be no changes in the politics nor in the fundamental basis of the Cuban ideology.  Traveling between the Havana and Trinidad, between the urban and rural city, in the daily of who live this change and look to the future.

About the author:
Ferdinando Riccio was born in Naples (Italy) in 1986.  Currently based in Germany, where he start to work as documentary photographer freelance. He is author of “Attraverso Romania” book, published in 2014. He has exhibited in collective and solo exhibitions, for example, the international photograph festival “Photissima 2014” in Turin (Italy) and the “Padernborn Fototage 2015” festival in Germany.

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