“Seven towers” describes emotions and thoughts of people that populate the beach of Senigallia (Italy) during winter.

Abandoned lifeguard’s towers represent the giant guardians of these feelings. Imagine you’re walking along the windy beach, in the silence broken by the crashing of waves. There is an atmosphere rich of expectation and meditation.  Each tower is a chapter of your walk, and of your life. Emotions, instants, opportunities, other lives crossed to yours, necessities, decisions. Seven concepts, seven meanings.

luca_pernini_positive_magazine_02luca_pernini_positive_magazine_03 luca_pernini_positive_magazine_04 luca_pernini_positive_magazine_05 luca_pernini_positive_magazine_06 luca_pernini_positive_magazine_07 About the author:
Luca Pernini was born in Senigallia (Italy), in 1987. He’s a freelance photographer and his background is on Electronic Engineering (nowadays he’s a PhD student at Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy) and in music (piano diploma at G. Rossini Conservatory, Pesaro, Italy).

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