Okinawa is the southern prefecture of Japan, comprising hundreds of Ryukyu Islands in a 620-mile long chain. But Okinawa is not just this: it's the place where karate was born and where life expectancy is the longest of the world.
Luca Pernini

“Seven towers” describes emotions and thoughts of people that populate the beach of Senigallia (Italy) during winter. Abandoned lifeguard’s towers represent the giant guardians of these feelings. Imagine you’re walking along the windy beach, in the silence broken by the ...

Luisa Ranieri was choosen to host the Venice Film Festival and yesterday was her first day at Lido di Venezia, with a new dress designed by Alessandro Dall’Acqua n.21. Photos by Alessio Costantino.

Photos by Enrico Costantini Location: Lido of Venice, Italy

Photos by William K Davis William K Davis (1974, UK) is an Essex based photographer, living on the banks of the River Colne. He recently received a MA Photography with distinction from LSBU and was the 2013 Winner National Gallery ...

Photos by Enrico Costantini Models: Federico & Lilia