Exploring the Landscape: Sicilian Beaches

Photos by William K Davis

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William K Davis (1974, UK) is an Essex based photographer, living on the banks of the River Colne. He recently received a MA Photography with distinction from LSBU and was the 2013 Winner National Gallery London: Exploring the Landscape.

His work spans both the genre of landscape and new documentary to explore the nature of place with a particular interest
in the the liminal space of the beach.

Sicilian Beaches

There is no winter in Sicily I was once told, which probably partially explains the Sicilian people’s love affair with beaches and the fact that there is every form of beach in Sicily. Public beaches open to everyone; private beaches that require a toll to be paid, for access to an exclusive space, natural beaches and constructed beaches.

This project is an examination of human interaction with the beach. A place whose makeup, in terms of the both landscape and its occupants are continually changing. A place of duality, it is inhabited by local sand foreigners, young and old, a place where both excitement and relaxation can be found.

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