From a European survey, done in 2008, emerges that the children surveyed thinks that the farmer is a busy grandfather, friendly and caring; that oranges, olives and bananas grow in the UK, peaches in Finland, that cotton comes from sheeps, the chicken has fourlegs, that is unknown how sugar is produced, that blackberries are candies and the garden is the supermarket.

This difficulty by children to not recognizing from where the final product that they consume comes from, made She realize how important it is offer them the opportunity to come into contact with animals and rural life. She lives, like many people, in a big city like Rome; but She is lucky being a native of Poland, where you can still find some farms, She doesn’t know for how long, and where in some areas people can live in full contact with nature. She therefore started this project four years ago, and it’s not finished yet, to show people how beautiful and important this aspect is for the growth of their children. In an era where children are more in touch with the virtual than with the real, live close to nature and in contact with animals, also it serves to establish in them respect for our planet and its inhabitants.

About the author:
Kicia Randagia was born in 1975 in Poland. She lives and works in Italy as photographer.

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