The olive season in Sicily ended in November, during the harvesting season, between September and November/December, around 1,500-2000 people living in the informal camp for seasonal workers. The camp is located next to the village Campobello di Mazara and has been around for few years, and it’s one of dozens camps in Italy. After harvesting […]

Three days of cult, devotion, folklore, and tradition, catanians and tourists swarm in the streets, numbering to almost a million. During those intense days, Catania turns into one and only crowd marching behind Agatha. Saint Agatha event allowed me to wander through the bowels of Catania and freely observe a segment of the human soul. […]

This project was born in the streets of Palermo, a tale of random encounters, strong colors that tell stories, typical atmospheres that reveal the soul of this city. An emerging multicultural reality of a town evenly divided between modernity and tradition. A look at the neighborhoods in which the seed diversity has really taken root […]

Photos by William K Davis William K Davis (1974, UK) is an Essex based photographer, living on the banks of the River Colne. He recently received a MA Photography with distinction from LSBU and was the 2013 Winner National Gallery London: Exploring the Landscape. His work spans both the genre of landscape and new documentary […]