This project was born in the streets of Palermo, a tale of random encounters, strong colors that tell stories, typical atmospheres that reveal the soul of this city.

An emerging multicultural reality of a town evenly divided between modernity and tradition.
A look at the neighborhoods in which the seed diversity has really taken root and first. Among the narrow streets of the historic markets staged life, children playing freely in the street, immigrants improvised stalls in every corner, people eat, work and play in the street.

This is a project still in progress in a beautiful city and in the eternal contradiction, the capital of the Norman kingdom of the Arabs and the mafia, a land rich but which are, at the same time, telltale and smelly, never losing the poetry that distinguishes it.

Gaetano Belverde is a freelance photographer from Italy, he writes for several Italian newspapers and magazines. He loves telling the tales of the Island of Sicily, its people and traditions. Reportage, portraits and nudes are the genres he loves the most.









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