Three days of cult, devotion, folklore, and tradition, catanians and tourists swarm in the streets, numbering to almost a million. During those intense days, Catania turns into one and only crowd marching behind Agatha.

Saint Agatha event allowed me to wander through the bowels of Catania and freely observe a segment of the human soul. Cedars engravers, nougat artists, cotton candy tightrope walkers, holy images pusher, flaming grills, scents of caramel, wax candle, meat and cooking oil. Moments of shiny humanity, where basically the one who is worshiped is always the human being.

Paolo Ciaberta (1972) is a professional freelance photographer. He started working in the field of photography in 2000 as a theatre photographer. Over the years he has developed a particular interest in setting up more exclusive and behind the scenes coverage, which he integrates into the projects he works on.
Nowadays he often works on behalf of leading international magazines, focussed on sports, culture and society.

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