Panos Kefalos started his project “saints” in the fall of 2012, when his involvement in a unrelated work brought him to Victoria Square, the first of the neighbourhoods of Athens that he documented for ''saints''.

Along the whole Italian alpine arch tens of old paths were used in the past to cross the border illegally. Goods and people have always moved across them. Along the centuries Italians used to trade pasta, rice or sheep for French salt.

This reportage is about an area of Calais (at the northern border of France with England), which has become one of the largest refugee camps in northern Europe. ED. Note :Recently the french government decided to take down this area. For days the police had to work hard to destroy all the illegal installations and […]

The Eurostars Roma Congress Hotel and Convention Center, a modern four-star hotel almost a kilometre from Rome’s ring road (Grande Raccordo Anulare) on the eastern periphery of the city, closed unexpectedly in December 2011, laying off 60 workers. The structure is part of the international luxury chain Eurostars, which owns more than 50 hotels worldwide, […]

Giacomo Cosua, reporting from Berlin. The Pro-Deutschland party demonstrated today against people who are asking asilum in Germany and in general against immigration. *According to the sociologist Alexander Häusler whose research focus is Neonazism, pro Germany can be considered a far-right movement on the fringes of right-wing extremism and right-wing populism.