The Pro-Deutschland anti – demonstration in Berlin

Giacomo Cosua, reporting from Berlin.

The Pro-Deutschland party demonstrated today against people who are asking asilum in Germany and in general against immigration.

*According to the sociologist Alexander Häusler whose research focus is Neonazism, pro Germany can be considered a far-right movement on the fringes of right-wing extremism and right-wing populism.

He sees ethnonationalist and racist as well as antisemitic strands, authoritarian ideas and the rejection of equality and discrimination of minorities in activities of pro Germany, particularly the campaigning against “multiculturalism”, building of mosques and minarets.

Under the Brandeburger Tor, one of the symbols of Berlin, 11 Pro-Deutschland activists (Counted one by one) sorrounded by hundreds of people against them. Just to remember that just 3 days after the “Norway Attack” in 2011, Pro Germany supporters gathered for a “silent vigil” in front of the Norwegian embassy.

Fighting against The Pro Deutschland people, arrived under the Brandeburger tor, sorrounding them more then 400 activists (Left side party, Green Party and Antifa activists) shouting against the xenofobic speaches coming out from the soundsystem of the Pro Deutschland speakers.

The members of the Pro Deutschland Movment, with this demonstration had the clear intent to provocate the reaction of the people shouting against them.

Giving asilum to people who are asking for it because they are in trouble in their countries is one of the rights written in the EU Constitution and the countries and all the parties and the movements should respect it, always and not fighting for the freedom of the people.

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"Photography", an exhibition at Carla Sozzani Gallery, Milan

"Photography", an exhibition at Carla Sozzani Gallery, Milan

Photos and Text by Costanza Gianquinto, guest editor from Milan, Italy from 11th



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