la biennale di venezia


We always ask Italian movies for more than what we demand to foreign ones. Often, producers and authors complain about it, it’s evident in the provocative reactions of the audience and can be deduced even in reviews: what we can forgive to a Spanish, French or American movie it’s unforgivable if the film is Italian, especially if made by somebody ...

As the Venice Film Festival is approaching (31st august – 8 september), today we want to show you a selection of the trailers we found on line of the movies that are going to be presented at the Venice International film festival, in the independent competition “Venice Days- Giornate degli Autori”. Some of them looks […]

There are bonds that have their basis on blood, an ill sentimentalism that looks for life starting from deaths. This seems to be what The Endless River wants to tell us in its story about a man and a woman that find themselves after their families or partner have been killed. It’s not clear whose […]

It should have been “Charlie Kaufman at full gallop”, finally free from the fear of producers and distributors, finally unrestrained thanks to a crowdfunding loan and tet Anomalisa is one of the most controlled and sober moviesof his own. In this little ironic drama, which lasts less than 24 hours in Cincinnati, it’s possible to […]

Our Photographer Alessio Costantino shot yesterday the photocall of 3 movies that are in different categories: check it out all the galleries! BOI NEON Iremar works at the “Vaquejadas”, a rodeo in the North East of Brazil where two men on horseback try bring down a bull by grabbing its tail. It’s dusty and back-breaking […]

#Venezia 72 Alfonso Cuaron attends as president of the Jury at the Photocall during the 72nd Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy. The other members of the Jury: Elisabeth Banks, Emmanuel Carrere, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Hou Hisao-hsien, Diane Kruger, Francesco Munzi, Pawel Pawlikoswki, Lynne Ramsay. Photogaphy: Alessio Costantino
Everest, la biennale di Venezia

While we are still waiting for the official lineup which will be presented in Rome on July 29th, we know for sure which movie will open the 72nd Venice Film Festival. It’s Everest (Universal), movie directed by the Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur  (his debut film, 101 Reykjavik, is fabulous). The movie will be presented with […]

Text by Francesco Alò – Photo: Alessio Costantino Translation by Bianca Baroni “And don’t you clown no more!” is what the swiss gendarmes will kindly tell Eddy, releasing him. Easier said than done, not only because who plays this role is the excellent Benoît Poelvoorde, able to move from the slapstick kind of comedy […]

Birdman (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) A film by Alejandro González Iñárritu Written by Francesco Alò – Translation: Bianca Baroni It’s the overman era. Indeed, we’re constantly surrounded by superheroes.The Hollywood star Riggan Thomson, now struggling for a theatre adaptation of Raymond Carver in the ruthless New York, has one of them in […]