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I flew directly to Tokyo after Paris fashion week. I was stoked to be going to Tokyo. The monotony of the European fashion capitals was getting to me. Tokyo was the exact opposite of Europe. Everything was upside down. All the little chores I’d had to do everywhere else, was a little adventure in Japan. […]

By Nicklas Kingo Coming home from Paris I went directly to do the Danish fashion week. Everything was less of a deal and my lovely mother drove me around for early call times, so I got to unwind and play some Playstation with my mates. Life was part super easy and super awesome. I was […]

By Nicklas Kingo After the DKNY job I was to fly back to Paris for a quick job and then flying home to Copenhagen the following day. At this point I was “full”, I needed to come home to my mum and process all the experiences I had accumulated in the short period of four […]