50 YEARS AFTER THE NUCLEAR DISASTER The 17th of january of 1966 a B-52 with four nuclear bombs made refueling maneuvers on Spanish soil, colliding with the tanker aircraft was an explosion and the aircrafts were disintegrated, three bombs fell on the ground and one in the sea, fuel and fuselage also scattered around the area. […]

Along the roads leading to the Fukushima nuclear plant, The french Photographer Forian Ruiz took pictures of the radioactive contamination’s presence. He wanted to show the beauty of places abandoned by inhabitants who favored interior’s refuge in order to avoid radioactive radiation. Inspired by American landscape photography of the 60’s photography, he captured common colors […]

  The Chernobyl meltdown was the biggest nuclear catastrophe in world history. 99 per cent of the Belarusian land has been contaminated to varying degrees above internationally accepted levels as a direct result of the disaster. The people of Belarus are very self sufficient, they grow their own crops and vegetables, farm livestock and source […]

Photos by Gaelle Beri Gaelle Beri is a photographer currently living in London, UK. She studied Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths College with emphasis on the notion of belonging to a city or community through the lens. After her studies, her love for music brought her to work on her music photography portfolio. The […]