For Alex Kruchkovsky photography becomes an exploration of the city. He is interested in hidden, not festive places of the city, a border zone. He’s also interested in people portraits in some strange places, known or unknown for them, like people exploring the city or their neighborhood, showing their lifestyle and the view of life. […]

The american model Nick Lacy came to Venice to visit us and we shot some photographs while he was in Venice. We shot between Cannaregio, Castello and Marghera (Ve).  

Picfair is the revolutionary new image library and it is seeking a new generation of female photographers to share their perspectives on the world.

We met Charles Caesar in New York to discuss his work, the purpose of his photography and why film still matters. Interview and photography by Nicolò Bernardi
francesca occhi

Francesca Occhi (1988) is a young italian photographer, graduated in Cultural Heritage Photography at ISIA in Urbino. Her Master’s thesis, titled MEMENTO, that you can find in Rome at the lstituto Nazionale per la Grafica del Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo (Photographic section), is a photographic project about Second World War […]

Ph. Giacomo Cosua

Model: Eyal Harel (Wilhelmina Models) Enrique Avilés is a traveler and also a photographer. His diverse background runs from business to advertising to hitchhiking. Enrique is currently and temporarily in New York City.

Photos by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

POSI+TIVE speaks with Alex Veledzimovich, a photographer living and working in Vitebsk, Belarus.

Spanish documentary photographer Arnau Oriol captures the fleeting faces of his daily London commute.