Antonio Cavalieri is a street and portrait photographer from Italy. Born and raised in a small city not far from one of the biggest and most artistic in Italy, Rome. Recently moved to London, kept on shooting the streets and trying to express  the emotions linked to it. Always been a great observer of human […]

A new interview for our readers on Positive Magazine: we discovered a young british photographer: Lamarr Golding. He defined himself as a London-based urban explorer, freerunner and photographer. He’s 19 and he recently graduated from Kingston College studying Creative Media and is now on a gap year aiming to make a debut in the world […]

Angelo Formato it’s a London based Photographer, was born in Naples, Italy in 1989 and bought his first camera in 2008. After the graphic design Diploma He attended the Photography Master at ILAS,Naples and That was the beginning of a continuous research and experimentation period.

Photos by Madiha Abdo Street photography is one of my favorite fields of photography, for it allows me the capturing with my camera the interesting expressions of some people in public space. This requires the intuitive ability to foresee what might be unfolding and clicking the shutter at the right moment. Street Lives also help […]

Photos and Music by Terry Magson Flickr Can you tell us something about yourself? I’m a male musician from the Isle of Wight, south coast, UK, but recently moved to London. I happen to have a few cameras which I try to keep close by as I like the smell of them.

So apparently I didn’t die in a fire in Washington DC I’m still alive and I moved directly from the US to London (LDN). Just the time to pack up again, two weeks in Milan and then get to LDN for another amazing adventure.

The Tate Modern is hosting until the 27th of May, at the fourth floor riverside terrace overlooking the Millennium Bridge, the Exhibition Game Plan by the influential Italian artist Alighiero E Boetti (1940-1994). The artist has been a key member of the so called Arte Povera, an important subversive movement who aimed to create artworks in new ways by using ...

Don Mc Cullin was born in Northern London in 1935. He is now 75 years old. The Imperial War Museum in London is now hosting the exhibition Shaped by War, which represents the largest collection of his work ever seen on public display.