The Plastic Mythology

Yaroslav Solop, is an Ukraine based artist specialised in experimental photography, born in Chernivtsi region, 1979. Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. Graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts, faculty of design.

22_The myth of Phaeton_WAB_1000


An experimental project, started in 2011, based on the synthesis of the inner images and memories from the childhood, associated with Ancient Greek mythology and projected into the photographic space. The thematic base of the series is mythological stories, key personages – ancient gods. The “ready-made” works are characterized by the uncommon, as to the classical mythological plot, interpretation of the pictorial elements, their combination with nude bodies of gods and Greek heroes in the artistic space. The project involves social context as its name and sence are also about current frequently fake ideals of modern life and about the accent on material values.


14_Medusa Gorgona and Mirror_WAB_1000

11_Lamia and children_WAB_1000

10_Kill the Minotaur_WAB_1000

29_Jason, Theseus and Fiolekt_WAB_1000

12_Farewell to Hercules_WAB_1000

15_Doubts of Nemesis_WAB_1000

23_Castor and Pollux.The constellation of The Twins_WAB_1000

2_Artemis on the hunt 2_WAB_1000

4_Achilles and the aris Arrow_WAB_1000


21_King Oedipus_WAB_1000

3_Golden Fleece_WAB_1000


6_Dryad and the Ivy_WAB_1000

7_Constellation Virgo_WAB_1000


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