“Timeless Postcards”


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Water Buffaloes

“Timeless Postcards”, is a project wich brought us on a 16-months journey across India, Thailand, Malaysian peninsula and Indonesia, to produce a “romantic” fine art reportage, with the effort to catch the poetry of the old mariner’s tales wich inspired us.

Retracing his footsteps, we tried to recreate the atmospheres of those “good old times” that, only 2 generations away, seem to be dramatically changed. Zorco Sabatz photographs on tip toes what’s left of the “dream”. Immortalizing today with the eye of yesterday, we try to slow down, at least on a print, the inexorable westernisation of the exotic and fascinating Far East.

Zorco Sabatz Fotografie originates from the collaboration between Filippo Masè and Barbara Emaldi.
Filippo Masè (b.1976) inherited the passion for photography from his father, and started practicing in his darkroom at tender age.Since 1997 he’s been working as a free lance photographer and fine art printer.

Barbara Emaldi (b.1978) studied at the Art school. Since then she’s always been into different graphic arts. Most of her work, consisted in painting, drawings, and mixed media. Both are working and living in Bassano del Grappa, a little town in north Italy, but often away from home, travelling Asia, looking for new visual adventures.

11 Flags

Ganga Kids

Once Upon a Time


Space for Monks

The Acrobat

The Buddha and the Bird

The Dawn of the Last Day

Three Guys at the Toilet

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