Ü-Berlin. Ein blick von der Stadt

In Ü-Berlin exhibition, three Italian photographers consider the city from different artistic perspectives:

Gabriele Di Stefano was inspired by K. Scheffler’s quote from 1910 about Berlin, a city condemned forever to becoming and never to being, and works with cameras with long and double exposures.

“Berlin is a city condemned forever to becoming and never to being.”. Through the use of analog photographic cameras modified by me specifically for this project, long and double exposures on film alternate and blend to give today a new dimension to these words.




Gabriele Di Stefano (*1981),was born in Rome, Italy.
Since 2010 he lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He has study at Goldsmith College, Centre for Urban and Community Research (London, U.K.) and at Scuola Romana di Fotografia (Rome, Italy).

Dario Jacopo Laganà deals in his pictures Berlin with the architectural and social relations of Berlin since the Second World War to the present. Emiliano Jatosti who was one of the first to photographically document the earthquake L’Aquila, works on photo-architectural projects over Berlin and Sarajevo.




Berlin’s Clouds, their racing movements draw the city and its symbols together.
Symbols some of which are well known, others ignored. Symbols which are part of Berlin’s history, its Memory. A survey of the skies – where everything’s running and changing, where street maps are constantly chasing after the changing topography, like the clouds A synthesis of the historical memory of the city, of its traumas, of its defeats and restarts, of strong changes, of strong lights on dark and threatening backgrounds. The clouds are the natural symbol of this city and its people, who come mostly from outside and fly over it, passing by its buildings ignoring their history. Berlin is not a city of permanent residence. It’s a city to come and be reborn, trying to find a path to one’s own identity, because here it is still possible to try and do so. Clouds represent the symbolic movements of people coming from all around the world to find their own souls and inspirations. Perhaps failing, but still trying.The clouds in their movements, in the shapes designed around the buildings, reflect Berlin’s history: from Frederick The Great to Nazism, from the Cold War to that which will become the new history of Berlin, from die Wende to the new emergence of Gentrification. In this whirlwind of the new birth of Berlin, there are elements which resist and distinguish its history to make it unique. A place where the history is not just gone, but is here and alive, a city which is not a museum, but a mix of different historical periods and a stream of changes, where every district has a noticeable soul, but where everything is melted in a unique constant: the movement of the clouds.

Dario-Jacopo Laganà is an Italian photographer living in Berlin since 3 years. After spending some years – especially in Middle East – in travel photography and photojournalism, he decided to inspect studio photography with experimental portraits projects and to work in interior and architecture photography. From his personal interest in the Second Great War and the Cold war, he started the blog Elephant in Berlin, to provide documentary evidence of the city and its changes, of the historical places, buildings and curiosities on Berlin and Brandenburg.

The exhibition will take place at the Italian Culture Institute in Berlin.

12th November, 7pm
Monday to Thursday 10.00-16.00
Friday 10.00-14.00

Italienisches Kulturinstitut Berlin
Hildebrandstraße, 2
10785 Berlin-Tiergarten
Event on Facebook:
Bus 200 (Tiergartenstraße)
Bus M29 (Hiroshimasteg)

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