If you are not able to attend at the next International Venice Film Festival (31/08 10/09), don’t worry: you will be able, as it happened in the past 4 years to watch some of the films in Orizzonti Competition and Biennale College Cinema from your computer, iPad, or any internet device in streaming.

The screenings are going to take place in the same time at the Film Festival. In total the Biennale is providing 1,400 connections. It’s a great opportunity to discover new authors and films from the Orizzonti Competition, that every year is presenting innovative world movies, realized by young and also famous directors.

If you live outside Italy, you can directly connect to Festival Scope website and book your ticket; if you are based in Italy you can click instead to MYMOVIESLIVETo buy the ticket please visit the Biennale website. You will be able to access to the screening of the movie you selected after the on line registration. A single ticket costs 4 euros, but you can also buy a 5 film pass for 10 euros. You can watch the movie only once.

All the movies are in original version with english subtitles, and you can watch the movie after 9pm of the official screening at the festival for a period of 10 days. If you are in Italy there are some differences: as you have to buy the ticket directly from “Mymovieslive” – Nuovo Cinema Repubblica (with Italian subtitles), you have to activate a 3 months or 1 year subscription, starting from 17,90 €.

To know which movies are available for the “Web Cinema”, please visit the Biennale Website.

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