Visiting Venice? Learn to know how.

Venice is an amazing place to visit. Here some infos about how to take care of it and not just to be a tourist, but a respectful visitor.

Venice is getting ready for the next big tourist wave: the first sunday of september it’s time for the “Regata Storica”: an important tradition not just  for Venetians, but also for the international heritage, to commemorate the history of the city, built on the venetian lagoon. Not just that: the 31st of August is also starting the Venice Film Festival, till the 10th of September.


The problem of mass tourism, in a delicate and small city like Venice is visible every single day, with people eating on the ground in S.Mark Square, camping with tents in the squares, swimming in the canals (recently a tourist jumped from Rialto’s bridge, unfortunately crashing on a water taxi), using bikes in the city center (the city is only allowing pedestrians, no cars).

But it’s time to change this:

“To the many visitors who will be in Venice for the Regatta and / or for the Film Festival  may we propose a deal: mutual Respect! – said Marco Gasparinetti, speaker of the campaign “Venice is my future” (#veneziamiofuturo) and “Gruppo 25 aprile”.

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There are some rules: they may sound obvious, but recent experience shows that they are not. Waiting for the necessary measures that the City Council should adopt in order to promote a more sustainable tourism in Venice, the purpose of this campaign is simply to raise awareness: the manifesto does not aim at imposing new rules but rather at improving knowledge about the existing ones in a clear and understandable manner.


The Manifesto, designed by Alessandro Toso Fei, has the main goal to develop the awareness of the visitors of the rules made for a better cohabitation between citizen and visitors.

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Srebrenica: Do not forget

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