“When the rain disappear” gives name to this serie, a journey that has developed not only my inspiration as fashion photographer if not as well the personal growth. Escaping from the overcrowded of London, I capture with my camera a world of contrast where tradition and evolution stay at the same time.

From the tribes of the mountains of Sapa in Vietnam, “Lilly” a beautiful women from one of the hill tribes brought us through this incredible sharing of cultures. Walking on the streets and markets of the town of Sapa, I feel as if in a story. Where if every look was full of life and the simplicity of life was the result of a big smile on their faces.

But the journey goes on and from the isolation and the silence of the mountains of Sapa to the architecture and khaos of the cities, where the human has been occupying what it was a forest, cables and trees share the same space. An the explosion of colours that make you feel inside of a paint. I recovered the sensation of being a child, when you learn from every new thing that surround your eyes.



About the author:

Jorge Perez Ortiz lives in London and he graduated in Fine Arts. He has been working on different fields such as painting, sculpture and photography.

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