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Who: Fabric

What: King’s Garden in Copenhagen


The entry Trylletromler by Dutch practice FABRIC has won the international design competition for a temporary pavilion in the King’s Garden in Copenhagen.

The completed pavilion is scheduled to open to the public on September 13.



The aim is to replace the understanding of a pavilion with the most elementary architectural element in garden design: the fence.


The strategy of ‘blurring’ addresses three independent paradoxes by provoking the notions inside and outside, by introducing a maze that is paradoxically transparent and by creating an illusion of motion.

First of all, the fence as a freestanding structure is designed to restrict movement across a boundary. By folding and wrinkling the fence on the location, it produces new meanings of being spatially included or excluded.


The fence is made out of three thousand standard pieces of Nordic timber, that are joined using an irregular pattern of wedges. The repetitive openings between the bars of the fence and their connections create a continuous moving image.


Based on these three principles an intriguing floor plan was designed using a composition of ten perfect circles. The plan design reacts to given circumstances such as the exit of the rose garden, the statue at the water, sightlines towards the castle, existing tree lines and the position of solitary trees.
This project is a brilliant example of compromise between a geometric draw of lines and a complex composition of different rooms.



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