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Photos by Wojtek Wieteska

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Yours Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition FLIGHTS 91_08 by Wojtek Wieteska. The opening night will be on 10th June and the show will run from 11th June until 31st August 2010.

FLIGHTS 91_08 is a continuation of the artist’s ongoing project from 1991 until 2008. During several extended stays in Japan, he devoted his work exclusively to this project. It is a story about the human condition at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first century in a very modern reality of Japanese megalopolis.

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In Japan, the essence of human dignity is inextricably linked with the cult of tradition. Tradition, understood not only as a ritual, but also a set of standards and orders, is for the contemporary Japanese man voluntarily worn armor to protect his identity and sense of individuality in the XXI century Japanese society.
Noticeable at every turn, the past and the future create a very distinct dichotomy in which one man there is like two people.
So while shooting, I’ve arranged reality and I tried to capture the existing tension between these two worlds. Therefore, I deliberately chose a crowd of a million single figures and the surrounding scenery – fragments. (“Tokyo”, 2000, Wojtek Wieteska)

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Of his method of work Wieteska says: The ease of shooting in Japan is apparent. Elements of otherness and alienation are making the distance, which was inspirational for me, and this is where I appointed my point of view.

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The exhibition is accompanied by the release of limited edition, archival-quality series portfolio, which contains five different sets of 98 black and white and color photography, in the format 42 x 60 cm. Mounted portfolios are numbered and signed by the author, contain from 16 to 30 photos.

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Wojtek Wieteska (1964) lives and works in Warsaw and Berlin. He studied Art History at the Warsaw University and at the Sorbonne in Paris. He graduated from the National School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz. His photographs stand on the border of the individual style of the document, which is characterized by conceptual and sophisticated approach to reality. Travels around the world are the inspiration for implementation in the following series: “36 x Paris”, “Reality,” “Far West”, “Tokyo”, “NYC # 02 “. Wojtek is also the author of the projects “Stacja Warszawa” and “Wide Circle”. He exhibited his works in the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, in the Centre for Art and Technology Manggha in Krakow, in Photoplasticon in Warsaw.

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