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#ANTIREP14 Berlin

#ANTIREP14 Berlin

Christina Palitzsch Reporting from Berlin On saturday, 22nd of march 2014, leftist groups claimed for a day of actions against state and police repression. More than thousand people demonstrated against random police controls, in Germany often due to the colour of your skin, against proclaimed „danger zones“, house searchings, increasing public surveillance and the european

Kiev Photo Essay 15 - C.Bobyn

Ukraine Uprising: Evolution of Maidan

“The Maidan has become a living, breathing thing. That means that it is evolving and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the revolution.” – Misha Oleksiyenko, protestor and resident of the Maidan Canadian photojournalist Christopher Bobyn spent the week following ex-President Yanukovych’s ousting in Kiev, documenting the evolution of the Euro-Maidan from


A blinding light

Luca Prestia (b. 1971) lives in Turin and received a PhD in Modern History at Turin University. In 2000 he became a photojournalist. Cargocollective website This series is titled A blinding light. The images are part of a project carried out between 2005 and 2007 in two different countries: the desert of Wadi-Rum (Jordan) and


Far From Heaven

postcards from Sardinia – pictures: Milena Fadda, Italy Milena Fadda is a 35 years old photojournalist from Italy. She lives and works between Italy and UK. Sometimes, some places are reputed to live in an eternal fairy tale. That’s the misreading with the thin line which separates perception from real life. Far from dreamy landscapes



Nicolas Landemard was born in France and raised in Africa. After completing a Masters degree in History and Politics at the Sorbonne in Paris. He published his works with SUEZ, AREVA,, Télérama.Now established in Paris and Brussels, he continues to work on personal subjects.


#Ukraine New Photos

We found on line with the permission of the user, these amazing photos taken using instagram about what’s going on right now in Ukraine, after the revolution in Kiev and then the Russian invasion in the region of Crimea. All the copyrights are from Boris. Twitter: @freeukraine_b_

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#ukraine right now

We found on line with the permission of the user, these amazing photos taken using instagram about what’s going on right now in Ukraine, after the revolution in Kiev and then the Russian invasion in the region of Crimea. All the copyrights are from Boris. Twitter: @freeukraine_b_


NoTav Demonstration In Milan

Giacomo Cosua Reporting from Milan and Ferrara, Italy. The first demonstration against the high-speed train (Treno Alta Velocità, TAV) route was in 1995. The resistance has continued ever since today, and probably also in the future. In Italy during these days there are demonstrations all around Italy, and in particular yesterday in Milan there was



Photos: Giacomo Cosua reporting from Ferrara (Italy). We have been to a demonstration today in Ferrara, fighting against the possibility to see killers wearing again the uniform of the italian police. Federico Aldrovandi was an Italian student, killed by police brutality during an arrest in Ferrara the 25th of september 2005. The four officers involved

The Punk of Burma

The Punk of Burma

Photos by Sandra Hoyn Living as a punk in Burma is not only a lifestyle or just a copy of Western trends, it is an act of rebellion. Kyaw Kyaw, 26, has decided to become a punk to protest against the political and economical situation in his country. „In Burma I only have freedom of

Cian Posi+Tive-13

The Dancey Project

Cian Oba-Smith is a 21 year old photographer based hailing from London. He is currently in his final year of a photography degree at the University of the West of England in Bristol. Working almost exclusively on film he has built up a broad portfolio of portraiture and documentary images.


Neo-Nazi “Forza Nuova” Party demonstration in Venice, Italy.

Giacomo Cosua Reporting from Venice, Italy. Today in Venice the demonstration of the extreme right / neo-nazi party “Forza Nuova”. Around 100 people arrived in Venice by train from Verona, Treviso and Padova to demonstrate against homosexuality and for the pride of the “Italian Family”. In the meanwhile, a group of young people tried to

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anti-roma demonstrations

Photos by Matthew Thompson: Processing and Development of Film was done by: Ladislav Vavrik There have been a number of anti-roma demonstrations and marches in the Czech Republic over the past year, some of which have resulted in violent clashes with the police. In Ostrava, typically, there is a gathering with a few speeches, organized

Kumbh mela nights

“The Hindu pilgrimage “Kumbh mela”

Tomer Ifrah Born in Israel in 1981, Tomer ifrah began photographing documentary stories in 2007, after his first trip to Ethiopia. Since then he become committed to documentary photography, taking on long term projects while addressing social issues and daily life stories. He has won several awards for his documentary work in Israel – representing


One River for Million Lives

Photos by M Ponir Hossain Riverbank means fresh air. People come to Burigonga riverbank to pass leisure time even though air is not very fresh here. Buriganga is the river flowing besides Dhaka city and serving nearly 20 million people which gave the rise to Dhaka city over 400 years ago. Economically this river is