Rosarno, the ghetto and the oranges

Italy, Calabria, Rosarno. 2015. A boy heats water barrels. The price of a bucket of hot water is 50 cents
S.Ferdinando di Rosarno, Calabria

In the deep south of italy, underpaid labour during oranges harvest time is always needed.

The slum of San Ferdinando di Rosarno is growing spontaneously, as immigrants come from all over the country looking for a job. With its original capacity of 250 people,the overcrowded tent city exceeds over 2000 around this period.  The chance of an epidemic breakout due to lack of hygiene is likely to happen.

Just a few can work, accepting whatever condition.  The land owners pay 25€ daily instead of 45€ as required by law.
About the author:
Andrea Santese (1987) was born and raised near Milano, Italy.
After finishing his studies in Philosophy at Università degli Studi di Milano he became fully engaged in photography dealing with social issues and research. In 2014 he was awarded a Photography and  Visual Design Master scholarship sponsored by NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) and Fondazione Forma Milano. After a year  has passed like a pupil and assistant of the Master and photographer Daniele Casadio, currently he is working on the realization of a long-term project on the migration in Italy.
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